Changes to the Special Stages

Changes to the Special Stages

We would like to inform you of some changes to the Special Stages and also to the Liason Stages.

After close and very careful cooperation with the forestry commission, there have been noticed significant erosion to some of the trails due to the use from mountainbikes because of not proper maintenance and design. Despite our efforts and suggestions to mend the most eroded parts for the use for the race, the Chalkida Forestry Commision suggested a couple of different Special Stages, which for our own good luck are 100% suitable for Enduro Racing. The only sad part is the change which was proposed for PS3. Though the percentage of trail vs dirt road was 2/3, the new Special Stage, in order to have a finish near the village, changes this percentage to to 50/50 trail and dirt road.

We have to inform you that we agree with the decision the Chalkida Forestry Commission made, once our main goal is to preserve and not violate the forest by the use of bikes.

The positive thing that has derived from this story is a proposed cooperation with the Chalkida Forestry Commision to create the first LEGAL mountainbike trails in the aesthetic forest of Steni, a fact that we very gladly embraced. In addition to this future cooperation, they announced to us that they already have started a management study of utilization and expansion of hiking & cycling trails in the easthetic forest of Steni, and we have been proposed to help them design mountainbike trails which will be 100% cycling trails with standards for XC – DH – Enduro away from hicking trails.

The organizing commitee of Enduro Mediterraneo openly invites the HMBA Ε.Ε.Ο.Π. for a possible coopetation in designing 100% mountainbike trails.

You can see the changes here

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